Do you know what myopia is? How about cataract surgery? What is glaucoma? Is
that a contagious disease? These and other vision questions, from contact
lenses to eye diseases to laser vision correcton to eye nutrition,can be found
at this website.

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This is the latest in refractive surgery procedures, especially for those over
45 who want to see at distance as well as at near, without glasses or
contacts. It is also ideally suited for those who are developing cataracts.

offers a wide array of choices and procedures to correct nearsightedness,
farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (the need for reading glasses). Our
NuVision surgeons offer all of the FDA approved refractive procedures
including Custom LASIK, Custom PRK, Intralase, Conventional LASIK,
Conventional PRK, LASEK, INTACS, Clear Lens Exchange, CK, and Crystalens,
NuVision strives to give their patients choices that fit their individual
lifestyle and vision needs. The board certified surgeons are leaders in
refractive surgery as well as corneal specialists and perform all forms of
corneal surgery including corneal transplants, corneal implants and cataract
surgery. Many of your surgery questions can be answered after visiting this
website. Dr. Thompson is a managing partner of Nuvision.