Vmax Point Spread Function Refractor

At our Castle Hills office, we are now uniquely equipped to improve your vision in nighttime and bright light conditions. This practice uses Vmax Vision’s breakthrough technology and premium lenses to maximize your vision. Previous eye examinations may have included a refraction technique requiring you to make highly repetitive comparisons. Now, your eye exam can be performed easily and comfortably with the new PSF Refractor™. Your exam will be faster and won’t require repetitive responses. Your prescription will be 5x more accurate than older exams.

Do you have problems driving at night? No problem! Ask us about our unique nighttime exam. Your vision will be refined to the best possible for day and night.
Patients prefer eye exams performed with a PSF Refractor over a phoropter.
To maximize the benefits of a PSF Refractor prescription, choose Encepsion™ Lenses. Encepsion Lenses are premium and customizable to fit all lifestyles and frame sizes. Encepsion Lenses are cut individually using Diamond Point™ precision cutting technology.
The patented Encepsion Lens design ensures:
• A wider field of view
• More crisp vision
• Increased comfort
Patients experience sharper vision with the higher accuracy of PSF refraction and precision of Encepsion Lenses.
Optimal vision requires the best possible refraction and the finest lenses. Ask us about PSF Refraction and Encepsion Lenses.
OPD Scan III Auto Refractor / Corneal Analyzer

OPD Scan III Auto Refractor / Corneal Analyzer


This instrument measures the refractive error of the eye, and also accurately measures the curvature of the cornea, both in conventional dioptric readings as well as a topography scan or map of the cornea. This is helpful in detecting corneal distortions and aberrations, undetectable by most other instruments, which cause decreased vision.